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We help your Non Profit to succeed in getting Google Ad Grants and to create and manage Google Ads campaigns under grant program requirements. Craft the perfect Google Grants application, get help and useful NPO marketing tips.



Check Program Eligibility criteria

Most Non Profit Organizations holding valid charity or 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply for Google Grants. Non Profits are also required to have a functioning website with substantial content.

Full Eligibility criteria
  • Hold current and valid charity status
  • Agree to the nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use certifications
  • Have a functioning website with substantial content
  • Not be governmental entity, hospital, school, childcare centres or academic institutions


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Create Google Ads account

Visit and login with your existing Google Account not yet associated with any Google Ads Account or simply create a brand new account your Non Profit will use solely with Google Ads.


Submit Program Application

Ad Grant application form includes your Google Account Number, basic data about your Non Profit Organization and a Short Explanation of Application intent. Be ready to attach documents proving your valid charity status. Apply online


Set up Google Ads Campaigns

Log in Google Ads with your Google account, set the currency to USD and do not provide credit card info. Google Ad Grants is completely free. Now you can go ahead and create your first campaign.

Compliance criteria
  • Links ads to approved domain only
  • Actively manage the Google Ads account
  • Use Ads supporting mission of Non Profit
  • Do not use strict commercial advertising
  • Do not show ads or use affiliate links on target sites

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$329 Maximum daily budget

As much as $329 a day can be used to promote your Non Profit on Google. This amount needs to be used in a single day and cannot be transfer to the next day.

$2.00 Maximum CPC Bid

Google Ad Grantees are allowed to bid up to $2.00 per Ad Click. $2.00 bid requirement can be avoided by using “Maximize conversions” bid strategy.

Keyword-targeted text ads only

Under Ad Grants you can only run text ads in Google search results. These text ads are triggered by keywords of your choice.

Active management

Ad Grantees are required to log in at least once every 30 days and make at least one change to the account every 90 days.

5% Minimum click-through rate

Account’s average click-through rate must not fall under 5% in any 2 consecutive months. Otherwise the account might be suspended.

Proper account structure

Ad grants accounts must use specific geo-targeting and include at least 2 active ad groups per campaign, 2 text ads and 2 sitelinks.

Mission-based keywords

Very vague 1-word keyword phrases and keywords with very low quality scores (relevance) are not allowed in grant accounts.

Approved domains

Ads might link to pre-approved quality domains only. Destination pages should be owned by the nonprofit and must not include AdSense ads.

Has your Ad Grant account been suspended? You are not sure if you are fully compliant? We can help!

Run our free account compliance audit, understand if you are compliant with all Ad Grants program requirements or what do you need to change to become fully compliant!

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Google Ads is an advertising platform from Google that allows businesses to place ads in search results. These text ads are typically placed on the top and right side of the page.

Create an account

arrow drawing ads in google search


People search for donation opportunities



Your Google Ads Ad is served on Google



People click the Ad and land on your site



People click the button and make a donation online


NONPROFIT PPC MARKETING takes care of everything from Grant Application to full Campaign and Analytics setup. Get 100% from Ad Grants with 0% Risk. +ROI Guarantee!

Google Ads works as a self-serve platform where advertisers select keywords, write ads, set targeting and pay every time their ads are being clicked. The price per click is determined in online auction and depends primarily on competition for particular keyword, ad quality and landing page relevancy. Ongoing program management is therefore required to ensure highest possible return on your investment.

Google Adwords for Nonprofits Advantages Attract more visitors, volunteers or grow donations
Google Adwords for Nonprofits Advantages Reach the right people at the right time
Google Adwords for Nonprofits Advantages Get found by people when searching for the things you offer
Google Adwords for Nonprofits Advantages Target your ads to customers in certain countries or regions

Google Ad Grants campaigns enable you to drive new, highly engaged visitors to your website thus significantly increasing total conversion volume. Below are results achieved by cyber security foundation Securing Our eCity in first 12 months after the campaign start.

Detailed case study
securing our ecity page


Increase in online resource downloads


Of all website traffic driven by Ad Grants campaigns


New website visits

2.6 mil.

Ad Impressions