Ad Grants program requirements changed significantly on January 1st making it harder for non-profit organizations to utilize the grant while staying fully compliant. Let our free checker audit your Ad Grants account and find out if you are compliant with all requirements. Avoid account suspension & improve your performance with our optimization tips.

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Automatic checker will scan your account and identify problematic compliance area within seconds. You will receive a report outlining all new Ad Grants requirements and an indication of your compliance along with optimization tips. That way you can prevent account suspension and fix problems before they become critical.

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Find out if you are fully compliant & uncover any problematic areas. We will also provide you with tailored tips to optimize your account, improve performance and reach full compliance!


We take your privacy very seriously. Your account data will be solely used for the purpose of this compliance audit. No data will be shared and nothing is your account will be changed. This audit is a one-time action. After the audit we will not be able to access your account again.

We can help you maximize your Ad Grants performance while staying compliant

$329 Maximum daily budget

As much as $329 a day can be used to promote your Non Profit on Google. This amount needs to be used in a single day and cannot be transfer to the next day.

$2.00 Maximum CPC Bid

Google Ad Grantees are allowed to bid up to $2.00 per Ad Click. $2.00 bid requirement can be avoided by using automated bidding strategies.

Keyword-targeted text ads only

Under Ad Grants you can only run text ads in Google search results. These text ads are triggered by keywords of your choice.

Active management

Ad Grantees are required to log in at least once every 30 days and make at least one change to the account every 90 days.

5% Minimum click-through rate

Account’s average click-through rate must not fall under 5% in any 2 consecutive months. Otherwise the account might be suspended.

Proper account structure

Ad grants accounts must use specific geo-targeting and include at least 2 active ad groups per campaign, 2 text ads and 2 sitelinks.

Mission-based keywords

Very vague 1-word keyword phrases and keywords with very low quality scores (relevance) are not allowed in grant accounts.

Approved domains

Ads might link to pre-approved quality domains only. Destination pages should be owned by the nonprofit and must not include AdSense ads.

Getting max out of your Ad Grant Money is challenging. Luckily, We Know How

Achieving full compliance with Ad Grants policies is now more challenging than ever. Follow these 4 rules and never again worry about your removal from the program.


Maintain healthy click-through rate

Try to keep CTR above 5% at all times. Pause keywords with many impressions and few clicks, optimize ad copy, add ad extensions & test few bidding strategies.


Regularly optimize keyword lists

Make habit from pausing single word keywords and keywords with quality scores of 1-2. Avoid bidding on other brands and overly generic phrases.


Set up your campaigns for success

Make sure all campaigns include multiple adgroups each with multiple active ads. Do not forget to add all relevant ad extensions and properly set up conversion tracking.


Keep landing pages in good shape

Always link to most relevant page from your site. Avoid linking to new domains without prior Google's approval. Fix any broken links and remove AdSense ads.

Maintaining our clients' accounts fully compliant is our top priority. Contact us for individual consultation

Do you follow all best practices but the performance of your Ad Grants campaigns is still not satisfactory? Has your account been suspended? Get Expert Help! We have managed to get hundreds of accounts back on track. Let us audit your account in person and use all of our know-how to help you out.

Ensure policy compliance

We will make sure all of your campaigns follow program rules. In case of account suspension we will work with Google support to resolve the problem and have it back up asap.

Identify performance gaps

Low spend, traffic quality or CTRs are just few of common Ad Grant campaign headaches. We will analyze the historical performance, review the account and identify problematic areas.

Get summary of improvements

Our audit does not end by stating what the problems are. We will also deliver a comprehensive list of optimization ideas with best practice implementation examples.

Get fresh ideas

We have reviewed hundreds of Adwords accounts. This gives us the ability to come up with fresh, high-level campaign ideas, that are often hard to find when working in the account for longer time.

Expert account audit is fast and affordable way of taking your grant account to next performance level. Upon completion you will receive a report similar to this sample audit report


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$500 k/mo.

Managed ad spend

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