Get the maximum out of Google Grants

We help your Non Profit to get $10.000 a month in free Google Ads Credit and use it all to achieve your internet marketing objectives. Raise more, attract volunteers or promote your initiatives on Google with the help of experienced Google Ad Grants Certified Professional.

Google Certified Trainer for Nonprofits
Google Ad Grants Certified Professional

Advertising agency NON PROFIT PPC MARKETING has been founded to help Non Profits take full advantage of Google Ad Grants. We sincerely believe that all Non Profit Organizations including NGO, 501(c)(3), Charities or Foundations can significantly increase their web presence, drive website traffic and achieve specific marketing goals through Free Google Ads Credit.

We help to grow your NPO through free advertising of your fundraising, brand awareness or volunteer recruitment activities.

Help Non Profits get and use full Grant of $10,000 / month

Create, optimize, and track results of Ad Grants campaigns

Conduct Fair Business with Positive ROI Guarantee

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Apply for Ad Grants

We work individually with each Non Profit to craft and submit a perfect Ad Grant application. So far 100% of our clients have been approved by Google.
Learn about Application Process


Discuss Objectives

While waiting for the approval we work on the PPC Campaign strategy. We identify campaign themes, key messaging and KPIs. We also setup Google Analytics tracking to measure goal completions.


Draft, approve, launch

We conduct in-depth keyword research, write multiple compiling ad copies, specify targeting and bidding strategies utilizing Google best-practices. After getting client’s approval campaigns go live.


Measure and optimize

We continuously oversee, optimize and expand existing campaigns, report on performance, create seasonal campaigns and do other on-demand changes requested by our Non Profit clients.

NONPROFIT PPC MARKETING takes care of everything from Grant Application to full Campaign and Analytics setup. Get 100% from Ad Grants with 0% Risk. +ROI Guarantee!

Cost-per-click (CPC) bid cap of $2 is due to competitive character of Google Ads auction, a major obstacle in utilizing the full $10,000 a month in Google Ad Grants. Common health-related keywords for instance cost on average as much as

$3.2/click ¹

¹ WordStream

Next to bid cap all Ad Grants Google Ads accounts need to comply with these & few more requirements

5% Minimum click-through rate

Average click-through rate must not fall under 5% in 2 consecutive months.

Mission-based keywords only

1-word phrases, generic keywords and keywords with low quality scores are not allowed.

Approved domains only

Ads might link to pre-approved high quality domains only. Commercial advertising is restricted.

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We build up extensive keyword lists with focus on cheaper, yet highly relevant long-tail keywords. Domains, ads and keywords are audited and regularly monitored to ensure full compliance. This way we avoid competition, achieve high click and conversion volume while complying with all Ad Grant regulations.

Our unique approach
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Google Adwords KeywordsLong Keywords

Longer phrases capture the true search intent, are cheaper and usually convert better than most common keywords, which makes them ideal for Non Profit Marketing Campaigns. Forget about time-consuming keyword mining, we will do this for you.

Google Adwords Dynamic AdsDynamic Ads

We dynamically generate content of your text ads to serve just the right information to the right crowd at the time of the search. High relevancy helps us achieve higher click-thru-rates and lower CPCs. As a result you get more traffic out of Ad Grants.

Google Adwords ConversionsConversions

Conversion quality and quantity maximization is the ultimate goal of every campaign. We set up tracking and make sure all actions are captured, attributed and interpreted correctly. Maximize conversions bidding strategy helps us bid over usual maximum of $2.

Google Adwords RemarketingRemarketing

We put full Google Ads potential to work against achieving tangible results for your Non Profit. Through Retargeting search and display campaigns we serve your ads repeatedly to engaged audience ensuring highest possible conversion rate and ROI.

Our Google Ads know-how will bring you hundreds of new conversions every month

NONPROFIT PPC MARKETING takes care of everything from Grant Application to full Campaign and Analytics setup. Get 100% from Ad Grants with 0% Risk. +ROI Guarantee!

We are Google Ad Grants Certified Professional agency managed and operated by

Peter Sima Non Profit Marketing Consultant

thumb Peter Sima | Founder & Consultant

Peter is a Google Ads certified professional & Google Partners Trainer with background in Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics and Conversion Funnel Optimization. He worked on variety of campaigns spanning from a multi-million dollar app user acquisition campaign to startup client campaigns. Now he combines his passion for Google Ads and Non Profits and pursues professional marketing consulting services for NPOs. Transparency and Fairness are his top life values.

Tomas Michalik Non Profit Marketing Consultant

thumb Tomas Michalik | Consultant

Tomas has been actively engaged in direct communication with B2B clients for 8 years. His deep understanding of various marketing aspects coupled with friendly and easy-going attitude make him a great consultant. He believes in win-win relationships with partners and the power of rightly-executed marketing campaign. Tomas understands nonprofit needs and cannot wait to get your Non Profit organization on to the market with the help of Google Ad Grant campaigns.

Danubiana Art Museum
Securing our eCity Foundation
Goodwill Industries of San Diego
Habitat for Humanity

Peter's efforts on our Web site have helped us from a "limp along" online effort to growing our web presence to nearly maxing out our PPC efforts! He is a gem and really knows how to work the backend to make the front end happen! I don't know what we would do without him and his expertise!


Liz Fraumann, Executive Director of Securing Our eCity Foundation

Read how SOeC grew its web traffic and resource downloads by over 500% -- Case Study

Cheap Non Profit AgencyNon Profit Friendly Pricing.

No setup cost, no credit card details, just simple and clear contract with flat commission charged only if results are achieved. Quick response times and willingness to go beyond included.

Cheap Non Profit AgencySpend-based Commission.

We understand budgetary constraints of most Non Profit Organizations, therefore we only charge fair success fee based on an actual Google Ads Ad Spend, after the results are delivered.

Cheap Non Profit Agency Positive ROI Guarantee.

No Spend = No Campaign Results = No Commission. Our commission is directly linked to campaign performance which always guarantees you top quality of our service.

Cheap Non Profit Agency All-inclusive Service.

Apart from PPC management we help you set up web analytics, do SEO right, localize international campaigns and create landing pages that convert. All included in single commission.

We personally manage and optimize every account towards your marketing goals. Our service is not limited by number of AdGroups, Keywords, Ads or anything else.

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NONPROFIT PPC MARKETING takes care of everything from Grant Application to full Campaign and Analytics setup. Get 100% from Ad Grants with 0% Risk. +ROI Guarantee!

Has your Ad Grant account been suspended? You are not sure if you are fully compliant? We can help!

Automated account audit is fast and free way to ensure that your account is in good standing. Understand if you are compliant with all new Ad Grants program requirements already or what do you need to change to become fully compliant. Audit is fully automated and only takes a few moments.

Ensure policy compliance

Run our audit and find out if you follow all program rules. Identify problematic areas, fix them upfront and avoid account suspension.

Get compliance tips

Our audit does not end by stating what the problems are. We will also deliver a list of optimization ideas and tips to achieve full compliance.

Free and 100% safe

Our audit works automatically, it is absolutely free and safe. No data will be shared and nothing is your account will be modified.

Expert audit

We have reviewed hundreds of Google Ads accounts. Contact us and we will be also glad to conduct manual in-depth audit of your account.

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Regardless of where you come from, Google Ad Grants campaigns can be used to promote your cause anywhere in the world. Our international team would love to support your expansion. We speak native:

Grants United StatesEnglish

Grants GermanyGerman

Grants FranceFrench

Grants SpainSpanish

Grants The NetherlandsDutch

Grants BelgiumFlemish

Grants SlovakiaSlovak

Grants Czech RepublicCzech

Grants CroatiaCroatian

Our campaign localization services are provided free of charge. List of countries where Ad Grants is available